We Roll Like Madmen is the dance music project of artists Chris Tollack and Jordan Young. Described as "American SBTRKT" and "ugly Disclosure,” the duo wields an infectious blend of sounds with a raw stage energy that makes them equally at home in the club, on the festival stage, or at the dive bar.

Featured appearances include Charleston Fashion Week, Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit, Indie Grits Film Festival, and sharing bills with national acts such as Baths and The Limousines. Following two EPs and two national tours, their full length album “AF” carries the most distilled iteration of the duo’s relentless sound.


“All dreamy processed vocals and gurgling synths, We Roll Like Madmen’s electronic dance music is full of glittering, shiny surfaces, braising Animal Collective’s celestial soundworld with Passion Pit’s shimmering synth-pop hooks.” - P. Wall, Free Times

"Bringing to mind the adventurous innovation of Daft Punk in spirit if not always in practice, their compositions always seem relentless more than anything, rarely stopping their idiosyncratic twists and turns to catch a breath."   - Kyle Petersen, Jasper Magazine

“Thirsty ears need go and get drenched with as much gushing electrifying arousal, super blasting beats, and pulse pounding soundwave-scapes that their inner cochlea can handle from these mad acoustic alchemists.”   - RadioFlag